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A variety of exclusive benefits

30% Discounts at Restaurants, 50% at Brunches, Free Wine, Cakes, Starters and more*

Why not enjoy rewards every time you dine out? As a Hyatt Dining Club subscriber, get exclusive benefits every time you eat at over 100 of our award-winning restaurants, without any minimum spends!

Not just ‘dining’ - Lifestyle rewards matched to what you value.

You also enjoy special value at the spa, private rates for meeting rooms, room upgrades and even suite stays at discounted prices, all year round at Hyatt hotels across India. New offers, only for Hyatt Dining Club, are added nearly every day, so you always have something for every occasion.

See the full set of benefits at the Hyatt Dining Club See the full set of benefits at the Hyatt Dining Club


Combine a FREE add-on of your choice

Choose from Business oriented add-on packages that get you free or discounted Room upgrades and access to special rates for meeting rooms. Or, if you enjoy luxury dining and entertain frequently pick an add-on that gets you added discounts on our popular brunches, exclusive deals for hosting your social events like birthdays, celebrations with friends and family or just some super-exclusive time learning cooking with our expert Chefs.

With a choice from among 5 FREE add-ons, whether you’re on business, enjoy entertaining, love luxury dining or want to de-stress and pamper yourself, one of Hyatt Dining Club’s add-ons will surely mirror what you value.

See the choice of free add-ons See the choice of free add-ons

Partners get you even more

Hyatt Dining Club lifestyle rewards, built simply to surprise you… constantly

Experiences you’ll see, are matched to preferences and interests of your choice & available at multiple cities across India.Explore & enjoy the lifestyle you love.

Explore experiences.

One Country. One Club.

It’s the same Hyatt Dining Club across India

Indulge and enjoy your Hyatt Dining Club benefits at all participating Hyatt Hotels and Restaurants across India. No hidden costs, no surcharges or extra fees. Amritsar to Kochi, Mumbai to Rameshwaram, Delhi to Kolkata, it doesn’t matter which city, you’re always welcome, always recognized and can enjoy every benefit you’re eligible for (unless of course the city law prohibits something!).

The Hyatt Dining Club lifestyle rewards program is 100% digital. No paper. No cards. No hassle. You can access and redeem all your eligible benefits conveniently on your phone for total privacy and security.
Simple. Smart. Honest.

Grab the best deals first

Exclusive access to top offers and events.

As a part of the Hyatt Dining Club, you get access to exclusive deals across restaurants, events and other hotel amenities like free-parking and room upgrades. Depending on which city you’re at, and what you’ve told us you like, fresh and exclusive offers are yours to choose, when you sign-in.

Family Subscriptions = more Savings.

You’re special and we always want you to feel that way. With Hyatt Dining Club Familiy subscriptions you save an additional 20%, while your family members have the flexibility to choose their own free add-ons and personalize their rewards and get full benefits, exactly like you did!

By signing up for a membership, you agree to the Hyatt Dining Club Terms and Conditions.